When the late Hassan Guennoun, founder of the Group, undertook the construction in the early 1970s of the first hatchery of Dar El Fellous’s company, the poultry sector in Morocco was still largely dominated by the traditional farming community, units practicing intensive production being scarcely more numerous than the fingers of the hand.

Perfectly located and occupying a 6 hectare site located halfway between El Jadida and Casablanca, the company benefits from an ideal infrastructure in an suitable and very quiet setting.
The resources committed to production are made up of:

  • Production capacity:
  • 2 grinding lines for an effective capacity of 50 tones / hour
  • 3 press lines ensuring an hourly output of 40 tones / hour
  • Bulk material storage capacity amounts to 22,000 tones.

With the livestock units’ modernization wave which are increasingly equipped with storage silos for feeding herds, Alf El Fellous has acquired a fleet of operational bulk trucks capable of traveling on distant roads in the most remote areas.

Alf El Fellous processes and manufactures compound feedingstuffs for all specialties mainly intended for poultry and cattle farms and in wide ranges:

  • Standard broiler chicken feed -PC-
  • Free-range chicken feed -PF-
  • Compound feedingstuffs for the laying hen sector -PP-
  • Antibiotic-free chicken feed
  • Compound feedingstuffs for chick breeders -R-
  • Broiler turkeys’ feed-DC- start-up and growth
  • Breeding Turkeys’ Feed -DR-
  • The entire ruminant feed range for sheep, goats and cattle.
  • Snails feed

Thanks to our team of veterinarians and animal nutrition specialists, and with the support of our formulation software, Alf El Fellous is able to study and produce for you a specialized compound feedingstuff according to your specific needs.
Alf El Fellous is above all a team of collaborators who constantly listens to the customer.

The company has a laboratory which enables the most sought-after analyzes in food control to be performed, both for raw materials that are subject to macro-dosing and for finished products. These analyzes cover a very wide range of tests from humidity to protein dispersibility index for meal, including fat in the field of chemical analysis as well as mycotoxin research in bacteriology using fungal analysis.
In addition, the laboratory regularly conducts water tests to monitor their quality as a nutritional basis for its farms.

Our products

ALF EL FELLOUS develops and manufactures compound feedingstuffs of different ranges mainly intended for poultry and ruminant farms:

  • Compound feedingstuffs for poultry
  • Compound feedingstuffs for Ruminants
  • Feedingstuffs for Snails
  • Other feeds on request

Compound feedingstuffs for poultry

  • Broiler chicks compound feedingstuffs.
  • Free-range Chicken compound feedingstuffs.
  • Layers Compound feedingstuffs.
  • Breeding broiler and layer compound feedingstuffs.
  • Breeding turkeys compound feedingstuffs.
  • Broiler turkeys compound feedingstuffs.

Ruminants’ Compound feedingstuffs

  • Cattle compound feedingstuffs
  • Sheep compound feedingstuffs
  • Goats compound feedingstuffs
  • Dairy Cow compound feedingstuffs
  • Camelid compound feedingstuffs

Feeds on request

Thanks to our team of veterinarians and animal nutrition specialists, and with the support of our formulation software, ALF EL FELLOUS is ready to produce a feed which is adapted to your needs.