Al Hor is the first certified free-range poultry brand in Morocco and Africa.
It is the only brand that officially attests to a higher level of quality which implies compliance with specifications approved by the Moroccan public authorities.
These  “Free-range Chicken Label” specifications require strict rules, from hatchery to slaughterhouse, including serious control, in order to comply with conditions of breeding, feeding and preparation for distribution.

The first free-range chicken in Morocco.

From a slow-growing, rustic breed, the free-range chicken Al Hor produces a tasty and juicy meat .
The Al Hor chicken needs time to grow : breeding time is twice as long as it is for a standard chicken : at least 71 days are necessary to develop its unique taste.
Al Hor chickens are raised outdoors, in the middle of cultivated paths

With a 100% vegetable and cereal feeding specially prepared in our unit, the farm chicken Al Hor grows healthily.
Without any drug or antibiotic the Al Hor chicken guarantees a nutritious and healthy food for the whole family.
The Al Hor chicken requires a strict respect of the sanitary conditions of breeding and a permanent control to guarantee a total traceability and a constant perfect quality.

Qualities of Al hor chicken

  • The use of slow-growing breed
  • Breeding time of 71 days minimum, in a grassy and shaded path
  • Feeding 100% cereals and vegetables, without any antibiotic or drug
  • Raised with no antibiotic
  • Superior quality: firm and tasty meat, low fat
  • Mastering the traceability from the egg to the plate

A BELDI’s slaughterhouses

A BELDI which is based in the Sahel Industrial Zone in Had Soualem has a poultry processing unit approved by the health authorities and made up of:

  • A cutting-edge ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000 certified slaughter unit
  • A poultry cutting unit
  • Chicken based products unit
  • Negative and positive cold rooms
  • A fleet of approved and remotely controlled refrigerated vehicles in order to respect the cold chain continuity.

The poultry slaughtering and processing process is fully digital, allowing perfect traceability from egg to plate and rigorous monitoring of all production and distribution stages.


Distribution is carried out by our own fleet of refrigerated vehicles controlled remotely, thus ensuring cold chain continuity.