Today, Dar El Fellous has more than half a century of experience in the poultry hatchery business.
It produces chicks in its key sectors which are:

  • Standard broiler chicks
  • Laying chicks
  • Free-range chicks
  • Standard broiler chicken
  • Free-range chicken

In close collaboration and partnership with genetics specialists, the company imports early breeders and rears them at 17 different sites in accordance with health protection measures to isolate strains and ages.

  • Total developed area nearly 145 Ha
  • Buildings footprint of ​​135,000 m² covered.

All breeding and hatching egg farms are built according to the highest standards in terms of hygiene and safety, especially involving thermal insulation against heat stroke and Penn ventilation with humidity regulation and shelter from winds, for protection against pathogenic germs’ proliferation.

In their design, the new generation hatcheries take into account the rapid advances made in poultry genetics by continuing to rely on the technology of the Dutch firm “Pas Reform”.

Dar El Fellous group has chosen an automated immunization and debeaking system that meets the needs of its various customers. The choice of incubators mainly focused on the possibility of parameters’ correction without human intervention in the incubation chambers, on the requirement in terms of precision on temperature homogenization as a determining factor in the development of the embryo and the reduction of thermal inertia by means of a combined system of heating and cooling with iced water.

Dar El Fellous has favored the technology of fully automatic hatcheries involving fine regulation of temperature, humidity and ventilation. All of these parameters can be corrected without the help of human intervention.

Transport is provided by means of a fleet of controlled atmosphere trucks allowing the product to be delivered under the best conditions to places more than 500 km away.